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Soft Feel Golf Balls - Dozen

Soft Feel Golf Balls - Dozen

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Brand: Srixon

Decoration: EMB

Minimum purchase: 12 dozen

Whether you're teeing off or maneuvering around the greens, the latest Srixon Soft Feel 12 golf balls truly embody their name. They deliver a balanced and pleasant impact with each swing, boosting your confidence as you approach every shot.

The Soft Feel 12 boasts a central core that starts off soft and gradually transforms into a resilient outer layer. When combined with the innovative FastLayer core, you'll enjoy a remarkable softness without compromising on distance. Additionally, Srixon has integrated their patented Speed Dimple technology, which minimizes air resistance upon launch and enhances lift during flight. This translates to improved overall distance and enhanced performance, especially in windy conditions.


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